This weekend on the way back from Santa Fe, New Mexico I found these cool looking rocks called Carborundum for sale at a rest stop. All were dark and sparkly, some of them had an iridescence. I bought 5 of them with an amethyst geode chunk.


Aren’t they pretty?


I’ve made my plans on what I plan to do with at least one of them. I’ll file it down on one side so it becomes flat. I’ll then adhere it to the canvas in the very middle and surround it with crystal clear rhinestones so that there is plenty of contrast and the details are visible. I’ll then move to darker shades as it goes further from the center, making a monochromatic gradation from clear to black. Coming from the carborundum stone, I’ll draw tentacle trails.

Made a little sketch before the idea runs out of my brain.

Made a little sketch before the idea runs out of my brain.

I’ll know when I see these rhinestones in person, but I found a stone that’s similar in color to the oil slick iridescence of the Carborundum stone.


If you looked at the diagram and wondered what Hematite and Black Diamond look like, here they are….

Thrift Store Find


Everyone knows that I can't resist some interesting jewelry at a garage sale/estate sale/thrift store. This necklace will soon be dismantled, cleaned, embellished, then repurposed for a sculpture that I'm starting on next week!

Deck The Walls 4x4


Finished up this piece for Paseo Arts Association's Deck The Walls 4"x4" auction this December. (I like to get these things done early.) I sure hope to see you there December 13th, 6:00p-8:30p! Studio Six 3021 Paseo, OKC

Emergence in the Fog

One of my oldest friends came to town this weekend and was inspired by the fog machine, succulents, and my Emergence sculpture. This is an amazing shot!


Work Bigger

Experienced local artists have been giving me one piece of advice that I never took seriously until last week. The advice was, "Work Bigger."

The time and money it would take to work larger always discouraged me until last week. I'm in a Texan juried art show this month. Lots of good work at the opening but I noticed one thing. I had the smallest piece in the show! I guess everything IS bigger in Texas. No matter how cool my piece looked, it was eclipsed by bigger work.


I decided to bite the bullet and get the materials I need for my biggest 2D piece yet at 24"x48". 4x the size of my largest work to date. This is exciting and I'm motivated to get started this week!


TAC 13th Annual Juried Exhibition

Showing in Fort Worth for the first time. It was a great opening and I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

Photographing work for 12x12


My buddy and fellow artist Bryon Purdue helping me out with my photography for my 12x12 piece. I learned the hard way early on how much of a shame it is to sell work and not have any record or photos of it. Check out Bryan's work on his Instagram.

Work in Progress for OVAC 12"x12"


I tell ya. Nothing gets me more motivated to work than an upcoming deadline. I'm getting ready for Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's 12x12 fundraiser.

I don't have a ruler with me so I'm using a computer processor as a straight edge. 😋



I do okay with my little phone's camera but there's nothing like having your artwork captured by a professional photographer. Thanks Kelsey Karper!