Second Orb Complete!

After some long work, I finally finished the second orb. Hopefully I can get one more done before the show next Friday!


Dispatching the Postcards!

I made some postcards to invite everyone to the show this December. I love mailing things so this has been a blast. Message me at the "Contact" link with your mailing address to get one!


Necklace Timelapse Video

Got the timelapse thing right this time. Here's a necklace I made last night with Labradorite, Tiger's Eye, and carved ox bone.

Timelapse Mishap

Since one of my most common questions are "How long does it take?" I decided to make a timelapse video for everyone to see the process. I wanted you all to see how it goes from start to finish. I purchased a cool phone/tripod thing from Amazon and got my work area ready. I turned on the camera and went to work. After an hour of diligent working, I grabbed my phone and noticed the screen was stuck on nearly the start of the process. The camera locked up after the first minute of recording. I could almost cry. 

Well. Here's what I got done in 50 minutes. I'll keep you posted for more.